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Yard waste collection begins March 30

Yard waste pickup begins on on March 30, and special yard waste will be picked up on three consecutive Tuesdays: March 30, April 6, and April 13.

Special Yard Waste Pickup details:

  • After the green yard waste cart is full, excess yard waste material may be placed in additional containers (not bags) for collection. Place these containers on the curb adjacent to the green yard waste cart. Limit container weight to 50 pounds or less.
  • Thorny material must be place in the green yard waste cart.
  • Do Not rake leaves and debris into the street. Curbside leaf collection is in the fall only.
  • As a reminder, if a homeowner hires a professional arborist to trim or remove trees, the arborist must take the debris with them. If a resident performs the work themselves, the Village will remove the branches and limbs.