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Pine Haven Christian Communities to open dedicated Covid-19 recovery unit

In response to the ongoing upsurge in Covid cases, Pine Haven is converting its Redeemer Home on the Haven Drive campus in Sheboygan Falls into a dedicated Covid-19 Recovery Unit with occupancy for up to 14 residents.

This self-contained, independent unit will have dedicated staff and extensive support both from their Infection Preventionist as well as their hospital partners including specialized MD’s. All employees working will wear appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). As an additional safety precaution, work is being done to create a negative pressure environment, equivalent to a hospital setting.

The purpose of the unit, scheduled to open on Thursday, November 12, is to provide skilled nursing care for people who have the coronavirus, need medical attention, and must be discharged from a hospital or are within quarantine. This will not affect the non-Covid rehabilitation unit at the Haven Drive campus, which will remain in operation.

Pine Haven is pleased to provide this service to the community. Their mission, to offer a Christ-centered, safe haven with quality, compassionate care dovetails with the need of additional resources within our community amidst this public health crisis and as Covid-19 cases continue to rise.  

Pine Haven’s own Medical Director, Dr, Brian DeMaster, said “Pine Haven is a faith-based community, and as Christians we are told to care for our community and those in need. Today that would include those with Covid-19 needing post-hospital treatment.”