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Kohler Alumni Spotlight

Amy Harder, Class of 1976
Amy is currently working for the Berrien County Prosecutor’s Office in Michigan. She has three children, Jonathan, James, and Carolyn.

KHS Benefits for Life: The education was well rounded and many opportunities because of our small sized school.

Favorite co-curricular: Band, choir, and volleyball
Advice for current students: Soak everything up and enjoy yourself. KHS is so unique and special.

Favorite teachers:  John Lowry and Ella Mae Schloerb, two very different and amazing teachers.

Most valuable class: Econ because we were taught how to write checks and invest in the stock market.

Favorite memory: The Youth Center was such a big part of our lives. The high school would have “annual parties” and sign our yearbooks (annuals) in the Youth Center; post-football game parties in Cindy Miller’s basement; and sitting on the benches in the park.